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About Me

Marius Paul Jankowski BSc, MSc, MSc Bacp registered member

Post Covid I see clients  at 198 Church Road, Hove. I can also work using Zoom if required.
(The rooms are now highly ventilated and sanitised thoroughly throughout the day. I have been vaccinated).

I cna offer sessions times  between 9am and 7pm.

A journey starts with the first step

I am aware that looking for a counsellor can seem overwhelming and a big step, so thanks for checking me out.
Every journey begins with the first step

Ever since I was a young zoologist, researching animal behaviour, I have been fascinated with the world of Psyche. I had studies philosophy, Eastern and Western, world religions, Anthropology and the history of the psychoanalytic movement and  travelled worldwide long before I started to train as a psychotherapist.

I have seldom lost my interest in the questions raised by the subject of my choice.

My psychotherapist journey has been a continual one, on occasion providing some moments of clarity, more often allowing a new possibility to arise from the gloom.

I have worked in a deprived London borough for the NHS, residential communities and in private practice over the last 15 years since qualification.

My professional journey has led me to some specialist interests, including working with carers, families with addiction, trauma (PTSD), panic attacks, addiction including self-medication, depression, bereavement and mood and personality disorders.
Alongside with the more general anxiety, relationship, and work-related problems.
I have worked with a wide variety of clients, people from overseas, ex-service families, and refugees.

I have never taken the trust part of the therapeutic journey for granted. I appreciate that for those of you who have been previously let down, that it is a big ask. I earn and respect our mutual trust in the process.
Sometimes our life journey (for want of a better word) just does not feel right. The same things happen, repeatedly. Whether that is in our relationships, work life or family life. It feels like we can never attain a sense of satisfaction in their lives, or indeed a sense of being at home in our own skin. We can often feel lost or emotionally hijacked in situations that appear out of our own control.

I get this. In my 5-year training I was a client too.

I find that having a ‘map’ of your life makes it easier to navigate through difficulties.
Of course, nothing is ever that simple. Though, I believe that in our work together change is possible and that we can discover this new path.
I work creatively as a psychotherapist. My experience has led to my guiding principle. The map is not the territory, and that therefore we should be respected in their difference and given the time and space to be themselves.

I can also offer to see you via Zoom or do telephone sessions.

I can work with fortnightly sessions if needs must.

I am willing to negotiate fee reductions if appropriate. I already offer fair fees to people who work in the public or third sector
[*Confidentiality is of course particularly important. However, there are legal caveats which I will have to make clear. If in our work I fear that there is a serious risk of harm to self or to others, including harm to children, I am legally required to break our contract and inform the relevant authorities. Lastly, I am obliged to report extremist views and terrorist activity.]

I offer face to face counselling at South Coast Counselling, 198 Church Road in Hove.

I also work  Online (via Zoom or Skype) or offer telephone counselling if restrictions apply.