12 session counselling

Short (12 session) Counselling
I also offer a 12 session counselling contract.
This brief intervention was developed from an original program developed in the USA by James Mann.
It is not a sticking plaster approach and it has its many uses.
I developed the ideas further whilst working for the NHS as a means of introducing patients to counselling and dealing with their central issues within the boundaries of a counselling relationship and useful in cases of trauma ( Inc PTSD) depression , anxiety, grief reaction , phobias and other related issues.
It is NOT suitable for eating disorders, OCD, mental health diagnosed problems (such as bi polar disorder)
However it is very useful and an intensive way of working in counselling with those of you who are time or indeed cash poor or people who are not ready to commit to longer term therapy .
If you feel that this approach may be more useful to you than an open ended , possibly longer term counselling arrangement then please mention this when you contact me and I will arrange to work with you in this way.