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Addictions / Families affected by Addictions

I have worked for the last 15 years in a variety of Addiction clinics ( community and NHS) and Residential Rehab units in the South East.
I am not a 12 step counsellor with regards to this, but rather take a solution focussed approach to the presenting problem.
I don’t just believe that people can change their habits , I have been privileged to be a part of many of clients road to recovery and ability to stay clean or not relapse into past problematic behaviour.
I have worked with cases involving substance misuse, gambling addiction, sex and internet porn addiction and other related areas.
I say this, because my approach is based on the fact that Addiction is a real dis -ease. That it has roots in our families and our childhoods and these areas also need examining as part of the problem.
I do not just concentrate on behavioural change as the best outcome.
I have also worked with family members affected by having substance misusing partners, father as and mothers and I understand the impact that this has on your own well being and self esteem .
Finally many of my cases have been alongside issues in the Criminal Justice System and I understand the prime importance of confidentiality and report writing if needed in these cases.