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Solution Focussed Therapy

Solution Focussed Therapy

Why solution focussed?
I have often worked in the NHS with clients who are at a crossroads in their lives , due to health conditions or illnesses or changes in life circumstances that have a dramatic effect. I call solution focussed work developing a Plan B, sometimes the path through our lives gets a bit rocky and continuing as we were before is not working anymore.
Solution focussed work is about how you can renegotiate this change in your way.
I have a few approaches to this and borrow from many traditions , some therapeutic some straight forward coaching psychology . I use Transactional; Analysis through to Neuro Linguistic Programing if needed .
Solution focussed work is about expanding your tool kit of strategies within your work, relationships and maybe just yourself.
I know that change is possible, it might take some practice .
This is slightly different to my usual practice in that it seeks to solve direct problems of the moment in a way that suits you, so it is goal focussed and usually a brief intervention (6 to 12 sessions)

I Have worked in General Practice alongside NHS GPs and Nurses for over 12 years and I am aware of several gaps in the support services around issues of health and hospitalisations, not generally catered for in counselling.

I work (usually with limited sessions) around these bumps in the road as I have come to see them.

I offer solution focussed therapy, by which I mean that sometimes extra help and support is required around times of ill health and other unexpected events.

In the NHS I often worked with clients who were recovering from a period of hospitalisation to help them deal with issues of recovery or life changes.
Examples of this would be, living well after Gastric Band Surgery, issues around Fertility , (including IVF treatment), recovering from illnesses , and approaching operations and periods of hospitalisation.

I also work with people who have addiction problems with prescription medication .

All of these can disrupt and change your life’s journey and how you see yourself in the world.

As well as these specific areas I have worked with new mums with Post Natal Depression, relationship breakdown (divorce etc.), work related problems and on occasion victim support.