Counselling and Psychotherapy

Distilling my years of practice into a few words is not easy, but I suspect that’s what is needed here.
So, I put my approach down as this: Most people that I see have come to counselling because Plan A (for example, habitually saying that everything is all right; or doing the same as everybody else appears to be doing; or just being too compliant in general) has failed to deliver a sense of satisfaction in their lives, or indeed a sense of being at home in their own skin. Given this, the point of counselling is to discover how this situation came about, and to help people find a new and better directed path to follow in the continuing journey of their lives.
Of course, nothing is ever that simple. In essence, though, I believe that in our work together change is possible and that we can discover this new path.
I am trained in several modalities of counselling and psychotherapy. My personal guiding principle is that the map is not the territory, and that therefore individuals should be respected in their difference and given the time and space to be themselves.
Personally, as I dislike labels in the field of mental health (useful as they can be in certain instances), my guiding philosophy is to see my clients first and foremost as individuals who happen to be struggling in some respect.
I offer a safe and confidential* space in which to examine your journey through life. I do this in order to examine your choices and thereby seek alternatives that might better suit you in your particular situation.