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How I work

I provide time and space in which to discuss your journey through life. This is as confidential as possible.

I aim to help you achieve insight into yourself through a therapeutic relationship that is honest, sensitive and often challenging.

Although the therapeutic relationship is unlike any other, it is also often a microcosm of other relationships. As such, it provides the opportunity to explore many of the relational dynamics that get played out between you and your family, friends and colleagues. To this end it can be a powerful way to achieve self-development and gain understanding of your position in the world and your relationships with others.

I am trained in using an Integrative approach. This non-dogmatic way of working sees that there is no one correct or ‘true’ theoretical model. In my view, those who profess one approach over another limit the scope of their work and thinking. My training and experience enable me to use different theoretical approaches as and where needed. I think of this as the creative way to engage in productive and beneficial therapy. I see this as a mutual endeavour, one in which we both participate in making sense of distress , confusion and the complexities of relationships, in this fast moving 21st century world.

If you are interested I use Models and approaches including: Object Relations, Psychodynamic, Existential Systemic and Cognitive. I also offer solution-focused working if dealing with a specific problem or phobia.
I describe my practice nowadays as a Jungian orientated approach, as my experience has led me down a further path of understanding the unconscious psyche
I practise meditation, offer regular supervision, and attend conferences as part of my own development.

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, then all your problems begin to look like nails.”

Abraham Maslow